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Dudley Point is a beach in Australia that is located in a place known as Darwin metropolitan region, which is found in the region of NT, Australia.

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Dudley Point gets a ranking of 80 out of a possible 100.

Dudley Point is a very good option as an Australian beach when looking for in the area of NT.

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Dudley Point


The official name of this beach is Dudley Point.

It is located in the area of Darwin metropolitan region, and has some of the most beautiful beaches in Australia, in the region of NT.

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Is Dudley Point a top ranked beach in Australia?

So, when it comes to comparing Dudley Point with the rest, is it in the Top 10 beaches in Australia? Is it in the Top 20 beaches in Australia? Well, the best way to find out is to check our Current Australia Best Beach Rankings and see if Dudley Point makes the list of most beautiful beaches in Australia!

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Holiday in Dudley Point

Darwin metropolitan region is a place in NT that is very enjoyable to visit and provides a great environment for a holiday.

There have been no negative reports recieved from Locals, Tourists, Fishermen, Surfers, Swimmers or Campers at Dudley Point.

Camping in Dudley Point

If you intend on camping in Dudley Point it is best to see if a booking is required beforehand. When permitted, choosing to go free camping in Dudley Point is acceptable, but it is important you follow the local rules of Darwin metropolitan region.

Generally coastal areas in Australia like Dudley Point have a myriad of options for caravans, caravan parks, tents and campgrounds.

Fishing in Dudley Point

Many areas through Australia and particularly in Darwin metropolitan region require a fishing licence to legally go fishing. If you want to go fishing in Dudley Point it is recommended that you obtain the adequate recreational fishing licence.

Swimming in Dudley Point

Througout Australia and in places such as Darwin metropolitan region, swimming in the ocean and waterways can be extremly dangerous. When swimming in Dudley Point, please be mindful of rip currents, ocean conditions, big swells, drops offs, rocks and marine stingers and predators.

Always swim between the flags in Dudley Point where available. Never swim alone!

It is highly recommended you visit Beach Safe Australia before visiting Dudley Point to ensure you are prepared for the weather and tidal conditions.

Accomodation in Dudley Point

Like many areas throughout Australia, beaches in areas like Darwin metropolitan region can be quite remote. This means there may be limited accomadation options. If it does exist, accomodation deals in Dudley Point can be found online.

Marine and Wildlife in Dudley Point

Please note - many Australian speicies are protected, and NT is no exception. Do not feed local wildlife and please be aware you are visiting their natural habitat around Darwin metropolitan region.

Some common types of marine or wildlife you may find at Dudley Point may include:

Marine life in Dudley Point: Sharks, Whales, Stingrays, Manta Rays, Turtles, Seals, Dolphins, Starfish, Jellyfish, Blue Bottles, Crabs.

Wildlife life in Dudley Point: Kangaroos, Wallabies, Koalas, Kookaburras, Seagulls, Snakes, Lizards, Cockatoos, Possums.

Had a great marine wildlife experience.

Surfing in Dudley Point

Experienced surfers will find NT conditions vary from day to day. It is advised to always wear a wetsuit and never surf in Dudley Point alone.

Boating in Dudley Point

Please enquire directly with Dudley Point or the office of Darwin metropolitan region to obtain the rules around the prospect of boating in Dudley Point.

Other notes:

There is no information available that confirms whether Dudley Point is one of the limited nude beaches in Australia. As a general rule, unless there is clear signage, you cannot assume a beach in NT is one of the few permitted topless beaches in Australia.

Ready to visit Dudley Point?

Visit our beach guide for the latest deals in Dudley Point. And have a fun trip!

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