Where to See Kangaroos on the Beach Without Paying for A Tour

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This post will be a little different. Many people have been asking about the best places to see kangaroos without having to pay for the pleasure.

Ie, at Cape Hillsborough you can pay to have a private tour than allows you to feed the kangaroos on the beach. No thanks.

Real wild kangaroos on the beach for free

So, instead we will recommend the best three places to go to almost gurantee a beach kangaroo sighting.

Obviously, these are always chance encounters and can never be guranteed. But with all the beaches within Australia having a chance of wildlife sightings when it comes to kangaroos, these 3 are your best bet.

1. Emerald Beach Coffs Harbour Kangaroos NSW

Take the beautiful coastal heads walk and within minutes you will be surround by kangaroos. The scenery is also spectacular. Keep you eye out for some hidden Wallabies too, and look up to see the cool black cockatoos.

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2. Pebbly Beach Shoalhaven Kangaroos NSW

This spot was impacted by the 2019 bushfires, however the kangaroos have returned.

You can camp right on this beach for a small fee and sleep literally next to the kangaroos. Keeep and eye out for monitor lizards and snakes too!

And those pesky possums will be causing havoc at night.

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3. Lucky Bay Kangaroos WA

One of the more famous postcard spots for Kanagaroos on the beach. You won’t get a better photo of a kangaroo on a beach than in Lucky Bat.

If you are lucky, you may even see an Emu or two having a bath in the ocean too.

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